Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Established

Each square is a slide towards the peril,
Each move becomes a series of doubt.
The pawn will creep, step by step.
Each time forward, the opposite flout.

Turn by turn a pawn shall fall,
As they strive forward to the end.
Closer and closer, the pawn shall march.
Those infront must now defend.

Now the last pawn is all alone.
A knight closing in, a rook to the side,
A bishop on the diagonal,
And the Queen just behind.

But there's one step to the end,
And it's the last pawn's turn...

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Take my stand, don't let me preach.
You don't know my name, or my reason.
You just came along higher than might
And stole my voice and tried me for treason.

Tie me up and throw me away,
Let me rot behind the bars you've locked.
Bury my body, but not my voice.
For I will resonate, the world will stop.

For when the time has hit twelve,
And my flesh is vacant from my bones.
There will live another generation,
With liberty all theirs to own.

The present is where
The future is made.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Our Theist's Conclusion

If we would walk through the trees,
Would we still believe
That there is not a cousin
Nor a brother
Walking with us through this life.

If we had flown with the river,
Would we still shiver
At our thoughts
That were bought
To neglect our nature in this life.

Without the grace of a butterfly,
Would we still shy
From our real purpose,
Given nature's curse
To change all that is in life.

Will our arrogance ignore the bird,
Ignore her word,
For she will sing
Just about anything
To be noticed in this life.

The seeds will still grow,
The water will still flow,
Nature will move,
Replace the used
Once we are void of life.

Our ignorance of our place in this world
Will be our final curtain.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Is this poison running through my veins?
Or is it the trail of a flame,
Engulfing my fury at your treachery
Which needn't be boiled or braised?

The soup in which you feast
Is littered with only falsehoods.
A follower of the black path,
You knew were it lead, you understood.

Now you take a march against the truth,
covering your lie with false attention.
You lead the rest down that path
Where the end is but contention.

Your deceit will not be unanswered.
I cannot leave the truth
To ensure a smile from the lie.
I throw you a book of proof.

Nothing shall be left in the dust,
For the truth will prevail.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I've seen a cloud of dust that rolls.
It swaggers along the beach
And rolls with the waves.
At the point it reaches its peak,
It tumbles and folds
Before losing its way.
When it seems likely to hold,
it falls before you
When you thought it was brave.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Your need to look at the sky
For answers that don't
Deserve a question
Is a familiar joke.

When one believes the world
Is there for their own
They'll be in the dark, alone.

You drew several pictures
Of that man again.
Tell me he's special,
The kind you'd recommend.

For where he may lead you
Is none of my business
But I'll interject
When he leaves you in a mess.

The world is wonderful
With rationality.
But we delude ourselves
With our nationality.

For some reason you enjoy
Dividing eachother
Into segments
That dislike one another.

You might be impervious
To derision,
Though I see no hope
In your new religion.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Rhythm Of Life

We can take a step back
But the rhythm will carry on.
Then we are out of sync
With the rest of the melody,
Trying to find our place
As a polyphony.
We wander in and out
In search of parity
But it's lost, it's gone
Too far ahead to catch.
We reach to discover
Our own beat to begin
A new rhythm of life,
A change to the sheet.
We begin new notes,
We start with a clef.
We know our own score
But how do we compete?
The orchestra is playing,
It never once stopped.
You tried to think
But it marched on
In the key of sharp
While your time was flat.
Now the world whispers
About around your ears.
Your lost in this world,
Your stanza isn't that.